10 free chartbuster iPhone Apps for Healthcare Professionals


There is lot of buzz of smart phones now a days. People are fascinated with the new features and apps available in the Apple store. There are more than 1500 medical iphone apps available for the consumers. Most of the time it is difficult to go through all the apps to find what we want unless we know the name of Medical app we are looking for. As an example if you would like to review the profile of a drug. Good luck! You can find more than 50 iphone apps available.

Some iphone apps are paid whereas some are available for free to the consumers. Here are tops 10 free iphone Medical apps for health care professionals that will help you to direct towards your area of interest and field.

Medscape:  Medscape was launched by WebMD in 2009. Within a year of time frame, Medscape has become more popular than Epocrates RX app, which had been on top in free medical apps section of the App Store.

This app provides drug reference section, with over 6,000 generic, brands, and OTC drugs, along with a drug interaction checker. The recent additions are Diseases and Conditions section, along with a Clinical Procedures section.

Epocrates Rx: The free version of Epocrates, called Epocrates Rx. It includes: Drug interactions, Pill Identifier, Medical Calculator and drug monographs for more than 3,500 drugs. 


iRadiology: This app is a must download if you’re a resident or a medical student.  iRadiology has a catalog of over 500 radiology cases designed to help medical students and residents improve their plain film, CT, and MRI reading skills. 

MedPage Today Mobile: The website is an incredible resource for medical professionals. It includes news from medical conferences, free Continuing Medical Education (CME/CPE/CE) credits across 30+ specialty areas, audio and video reports accompany most stories and full text search of our articles published in last 3 years.

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Medical Radio:  This is a product of ReachMD, probably most famous for its XM Satellite Radio broadcast feeds (XM 160) of medical information – and these feeds are available live through this app. Medical Radio allows you to keep up to date with changing clinical guidelines, and I’ve found the medical talks to be informative and useful.

MedCalc: MedCalc, is the most popular free medical calculator in the App Store. Epocrates Rx (free) also has a great medical calculator built in.

NeuroMind:  NeuroMind is a great tool for medical students, neurology residents, and even neurosurgeons. It contains a wide range of information, from basic neuro-anatomy to the WHO Safe Surgery checklist items.

Drug Trials: If you find yourself using clinicaltrials.gov, then this is a great app to have. It’s packed with features such as eligibility criteria, e-mails out functionality, and it can even use google maps to show the location of the trial!

Eponyms (for students):  Webster’s definition of Eponym is: one for whom or which something is or is believed to be named.  In medicine, we encounter this all the time when memorizing obscure diseases or pathologies.  This app contains over 1700 of these medical eponyms with short descriptions of each – A nice learning tool for students.  The student version is free.

MSK Radiology Teaching File – LITE: MSK Radiology is the lite version of Radiopaedia.org’s Radiology Teaching Files: Volume 3, an app designed to teach radiology. 


Since these apps are free, I hope health care professionals and students will be able to take advantage of such apps for their day to day medical requirement.

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