10 key sleeping tips to treat insomnia


good-night-sleepDo you struggle in getting sound sleep at every night? The sleeplessness that occurs on a regular basis may be a result of stress, depression, any disease, poor diet or other factors.  If you are thinking to take over-the-counter drugs containing antihistamines, such drugs can leave you drowsy the next day and cause various side effects if taken for long time.  Simply clearing your mind and natural remedies can give you peace and will help you fall asleep.  As a latest example, Michael Jackson‘s death has been shock to his Billions of followers.  It has turned a focus on how to treat insomnia, amid news reports are still speculative at this point.  As per doctors he used powerful sedatives and other drugs to help with bouts of insomnia before he died.  I think Michael Jackson’s death is self explanatory about the extremities of the drugs on human life.


There are dozens of causes that affect sleep quality and cause insomnia; I would like to share most effective tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.


  • warm-bath-before-sleepingTake a warm bath:  Take a warm bath 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.  It will relieve body tension and help in soothing the nerves. 


  • Drink warm milk:  Drinking warm milk can help relaxing the nerves, and in the process help a person to get a sound sleep.  A glass of milk mixed with honey every night before going to bed is another home remedy for lack of sleep.  Do not forget to brush your teeth after drinking milk, otherwise you might have dental problem (cavities) to tackle.


  • Engage in relaxing activities:  To aid the body in falling asleep, you can listen to soft and relaxing music, perform deep breathing exercises and meditation.  These activities slow down body processes and help the body to relax.


  • watching-tvStop watching TV late night: Watching TV, or engaging in any mind-stimulating activities tend to prolong wakefulness.  I do not have a TV in my bedroom, but, I have a hard time sleeping during business trips as I can not keep my hands off the TV remote.


  • Keep the bedroom dark and quiet: Sometime brightness alters...

    the sleeping pattern, make sure to close all curtains and blinds of your window.


  • calm-mindCalm your mind:  Eliminate all problems and worries from your mind.  Merely clearing the mind could give you the peace to let you fall asleep.  To do that you can write your thoughts and concerns in a diary.  Reading a book just before you retire to your bed, can help too.


  • Avoid taking naps:  Do not take naps especially in the evening; it can disrupt your bodily biological clock and interfere with night time sleep.  On the other hand, sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday can help your body set your biological clock.


  • excerciseExercising regularly:  Regular exercise has been shown to improve sleeping problems.  It is recommended that exercise should be done early in the morning or 3-4 hours before bed time and not immediately before sleeping.


  • Avoid coffee late night:  Coffee has certain stimulants that can interfere with your body’s natural sleep cycle during night hours.


  • Drink herbal tea:  A cup of warm, herbal tea helps to calm and soothe the body and the scents from them can have a relaxing effect.


It is well known that most of the cases of insomnia are usually related to normal day to day qualms and stress, if insomnia is not treated within time it may become a serious problem that can lead to lack of attention and annoyance in life.  I wish these tips will help you to attain a good night’s sleep.


Healthy sleeping!



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