10 quick tips on cutting health insurance cost


cut-healthinsurance-costThere’s no other way to say it- healthcare is incredibly expensive, which is evident from the daily news on the healthcare spending and reforms our government is working on.  Healthcare spending continues to climb at a rapid rate that has forced many families to cut back their household expenses.  On top of that many people have lost jobs and hence their health insurance from the employers.  In this economic downturn, you may be asking yourselves that is spending money on health insurance, really a wise decision, if everybody in your family is in good shape.


Is there is a real reason to have insurance?  I think the very reason of having insurance is to get affordable medical treatment at the time you need it.  It will not come to you as a shock that despite the increased cost, health insurance can financially protect you and your family in a case of medical illness or accidents. In fact, during these hard times it can be more affordable, rather than visiting your doctor without insurance.  In the United States, the average cost of a trip to the emergency room (ER) is almost $1,100.  Childbirth costs range from $5,000 to $11,000 or more depending on your situation.  Routine care costs typically include Blood count: $35, Blood Sugar Test: $45, Cholesterol Test: $60, Pregnancy Test: $25 and so on.


My suggestion would be that even when the economy is in the dump and you are looking at ways to save money, don’t drop your insurance.  There are numerous ways to save your money on medical and health costs; it just requires you to pay more attention.


I was looking ways to save money on my health Insurance and came across an article on billeater.com that discuss about the 10 tips to save on Health Insurance.  I would like to share this piece of information here to anyone looking for some health Insurance saving tips.  Article discusses 10 tips that are listed below and for more information I would encourage you to read through the article.  presrciption-generic-drugs


1.     Don’t skip it

2.     Take advantage of your employer’s insurance

3.     Generic drugs

list .5in;">4.     Avoid the E.R.

5.      Raise your deductible

6.     Expect a few loopholes

7.     Know where to go in case of emergency

8.     Consolidate wisely in houses with more than one income

9.     Stay “In Network

10.  Compare plans


Now after reading the article, if I ask you – can you still afford to go without health insurance?  What would be your answer? If the answer is to keep the insurance, I would say it is a smart decision.  As the old saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine”.


Healthy insurance cutting!

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  1. Susan says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  2. I cerebrate insurance is imprescindible to anyone lief to smoldering a anxiety issue being. But today´s rates are too piping!

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