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iphone_healthiPhone is the latest buzz these days and I can’t imagine a single person that is not iPhone literate.  Almost everybody desire to own an iPhone.  iPhone is the biggest star that Apple has developed so far and it has stolen billions of heart within couple of years of launching.  Being a multimedia smart phone; one of the pull that iPhone has over its competitors is more than hundreds of exciting downloadable applications.  Some of the applications are free of cost whereas someare available at very low prices.  In my previous article I discussed about the impact of iPhone on healthcare industry and how you can check your health through iPhone. You can find number of applications on iPhone that can help you maintain your fitness and health.  In this article, I would like to highlight 20 applications that can keep your health and fitness on track. 

dailycaloriecalculatorCalories Burned Calculator: Help you in getting calculations how much calories you burned during work out, walk and miles run.


Daily Calorie Calculator: Calculate your daily calorie intake based on your age, height, weight, gender, and exercise level. Also find suggestions on how many calories that you should consume to lose weight while still remaining healthy.


BMR Calculator: This will measure your base metabolic rate (BMR), means the number of calories you burn even when you’re doing nothing. Therefore you can have assessment of the type of food you should consume and the workout you need to maintain current weight.


mindful-iPhoneMindful: You can track your food intake and meet your weight loss (or gain) goals. This feature auto-calculates your recommended daily calorie need based on your personal info and weight goals.


BMI Calculator: Get a good estimate of your Body Mass Index (BMI) by using this calculator. BMI helps you to estimate if your body weight is in the normal range for your height and classifies you as underweight, normal, overweight or obese.


Heart Rate Calculator: This will help you to figure out your target heart rate.


bloodsugarBlood Sugar Monitor: It helps you to monitor your blood Sugar Glucose level and Insulin dose. You get your data graphically over several time periods.


Pregnancy Calculator: It will estimate critical dates related to pregnancy, such as baby’s due date, ovulation date and etc.


Alcohol-concentrationBlood Alcohol Concentration Calculator: It will help you to know the blood alcohol content in your body based on number of drinks you had in a certain amount of time, your weight and gender. Also, it will help you to assess whether you are safe to drive based on the alcohol content.


iRx: It will help you in getting information from FDA on drugs of various therapeutic areas. ieye-exam 


iEyeExam: Are you feeling headache almost every day and worried if your eyes number has changed. Give a quick eye exam to see if...

you need glasses.


Symptom Checker: This application will you help you in checking your symptoms or condition, finding the doctor in your area and Scheduling an appointment. I personally think, this application is one of the most useful ones.


iPharmacy: With iPharmacy you can browse through thousands of drug descriptions, illness symptoms, drug side effects and interactions


Laboratory Tests: You can find out what does your test report mean? Is it normal or not. The application provides normal values, ranges, and clinical significance in various categories like Blood Bank, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Serology, Tumor Markers, and Urinalysis. If you your LDL count is XX, you will know whether you should be concerned about it.


Phone Aid®:  It contains few real-time slideshows with clear, intuitive pictures and voice instructions that guides you through CPR and how to help a choking person when it really happens.


firstaidPocket First Aid Guide:  It will provide you A-Z First Aid guide to handle the most common injuries and illnesses such as, drowning, convulsions, burn injury, snake bite etc. It has an excellent database of emergency contact numbers around the world, which can be saved in iPhone offline (via bookmarking). More information at


Pump10 iPhone fitness: It offers free weekly 10 minute workout videos, fitness tips and personal training advice to get a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


Yoga Trainer: Help you to practice yoga with yoga trainer. It provides hundreds of poses, suited to all, from beginners to advance. Just be careful to move gradually from beginner to advance level. 


SpeedoMeter: You can figure out your speed while walking or running.  That means you don’t have to carry an extra gadget while running, you can track the speed, while listening music or talking to your loved ones.


8h2o: You can track the number of glasses of water you have drunk. I think, mostly under rated, it is important to keep a track of water intake, which is important for many physiological functions of the body.


No matter what your interest level is regarding your health, either weight management or other fitness issues; I believe you will find these applications fascinating and useful to reach your fitness goal. iPhone’s applications not only will help you to track your daily calorie intake, heart rate, sugar level and much more basic health issues; I am certain that in coming years iPhone will be among the top preventive measures which are helpful in reducing the health problems of the “world”.  Primarily because, iPhone enables to monitor your health at home either at no cost or at a very reasonable cost. Remember what Grand Ma use to say “Prevention is better than Cure”.


“There is no doubt, iPhone gives us the power to keep whole world in the pocket”.  iPhone makes it easier to keep your new year resolution of taking care of your health.  Alternatively, you can make a resolution to buy an iPhone to monitor or maintain your health.

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  1. Marie Brandt says:

    To: Rupali Gupta

    In respect to your article I wholly agree with your philosophy and content of your site. I would
    like to add our iPhone application to your list. It is called motionPHR and we have a press release just out which tells a little about it. Also there is a video on our website.

    I’ll include the press release. If your interested I can send you a press kit and we could discuss an article if your are interested in writing a follow-up piece. Our product is a personal health record and is one of the hottest topics on the ONC’s agenda today. They believe as we believe that consumers involvement in wellness and prevention is just one key to our success in health reform.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


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