43rd stent implanted in 58 year old man at AIIMS


Stent is a permanent implant that is delivered to open a narrowed artery.  The stents are metal scaffold and can be visualized as tiny cylinder made of metal mesh.  The great benefit of stenting is that the patient is, in most cases, released from the hospital same or next day, unlike open heart surgery.  It was surprising to read about a person who has 43 stents in his heart and is recovering in a hospital in India, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).  Yes you read it right 43, Wow!!

Conrad, who is resident of United States and according to Dr. A.K. Bisoi, associate professor of cardiac surgery at AIIMS, “Conrad is in a better condition. Regular check ups are being done”.  Conrad is 58 years old and was rushed to AIIMS on 15th Jun 2010 after a complaint of chest pain, got his 42nd and 43rd stent implanted.

As per Dr. Bisoi “Conrad was brought (to the emergency) at 11 a.m. A CT scan showed that the last of the four vein grafts implanted in a bypass 20 years ago were...

blocked. He needed immediate stenting. (Had he been) an hour late, it would have cost him his life.”

Conrad has propensity for heart disease due to his family history.  In his family his father died at age of 51 and his grandfather died in early 40s from heart disease. 

I think medical device industry has made significant improvements and have increased the life as well as quality of patient care.  It is due to these advanced technologies; Conrad is able to live through the severe heart condition.  Just image, how would it be, if he had to go through open heart surgery every time he had these chest pains?

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