5 reasons why children should play Nintendo Wii


couch-potatoChildren are smarter and technology savvy than ever before.  They love playing games on computer, twittering, connecting to people on face book or just watching so called idiot box, TV. If you are not interested in making your kids a couch potato, just sitting and watching TV for long hours, you should think about bringing a Nintendo Wii at your home or present it as a birthday gift.  Nintendo Wii gamers stand, jump and sway instead of sitting in front of TV or video screen.  They perform all motions that players need to do to have fun and enjoy the sports.


children-playing-wii-sportsLatest research at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center confirms that Playing Wii is much better than watching TV for kids.  Researchers monitored the energy outflow, heart rate and exertion level of 14 boys and 9 girls with ages from 10 to 13, with respect to several different activities. Children performed activities on daily basis, such as watching TV, doing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), playing Wii Sports boxing and bowling, and walking on a treadmill at 1.2 mph, 1.9 mph and 2.6 mph while watching cartoons.


The result of the studies is reported in the August 2009 issue of Pediatrics that confirms that:


  1. Children burned about three times more calories (3 calories/ minute) while playing Wii boxing, doing DDR at Level 2 and walking 2.6 mph compared to lounging in front of TV (1 calorie/ minute).
  2. Kids burned 2 – 2½ times more energy playing Wii bowling and doing the DDR at beginner level than just sitting around watching...

  3. Kids found it much more enjoyable playing games than walking on treadmill.
  4. Wii games are perfect during winter and rainy seasons when outdoor activities are completely restricted.
  5. Beside this Nintendo Wii costs approx. $245 which is cheaper than PlayStation 3 $599 or Xbox 360 $399. 

Though study’s scope was small as only 25 children were enrolled, but it scientifically measured the energy spent by kids while playing video games. I believe Nintendo via is a vital option for kids to enjoy and exercise at the same time and stay healthy.  Nintendo Wii can not replace the benefits your child would get from playing in the field, but certainly is much more beneficial than watching TV or playing video games by sitting in front of TV. 


Social networking, twittering and texting are increasing among children, which is accompanied by inactive lifestyles.  As we know inactive or sedentary lifestyle leads to overweight and obesity, which is the leading cause of preventable death and you are better off with your child playing Wii than not exercising at all.


Healthy video gaming!!


Source: usatoday/gaming

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