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One third of Adult Americans are overweight (Body Mass Index 25-29) and another third are obese (Body Mass Index 30 or greater).  Obesity not only causes problem in day to day activity, but increases risk for various diseases.  Therefore, the need to control weight beforehand can not be over emphasized.  Now a day’s many Americans are on weight loss diet.  For some people improper diet can cause or exacerbate serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and celiac disease.  Here you will find most reliable website links which are dedicated and updated with the best weight loss diets. 


The Obesity Society is the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity since 1982.  AOA is a portal dedicated to research, legislation, statistics, consumer information, tax and insurance issues, and discrimination related to obesity.


The American Society of Bariatric Physicians was founded in 1950. It is a leading national membership-based organization, mainly comprising of physicians and other health professionals, with educational materials in the medical management of weight loss and related medical conditions.  Their FAQ section provides information on obesity and its treatment, description of weight loss medications, and statistics on prevalence of obesity in the United States.


The Atkins low carbohydrate diet has evolved over the years. The website is one of the best information sources because many of the resources are free, and the site is kept current.  The Atkins Nutritional Approach™ focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of refined carbohydrates and refined sugars, and encourages consumption of lean protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables and good fats.


“Best diet for me” has been in business for 29 years.  For consumers having difficulty in selecting the weight loss diet, this site can help narrow the choices.  Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., the company that owns and operates BestDietForMe (for 5+ years), has researched the diet industry independently since 1989.


The site won Forbes Magazine’s the Best web award in the area of diet and nutrition.  This is the place to go for brief descriptions of over sixty diets. The site has a dynamic Internet community that provides information and support for dieters and health conscious individuals.


Shape Up America was founded in 1994 by a former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. It is a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management.


In today’s internet world, there is an easy access to a lot of information.  Getting information from reliable source is the key.  As stated in mission of shape up America, it is worth noticing that the most important thing to reduce risk of diseases is awareness.  With this goal in mind, I hope to bring more useful links and health information to my readers.  Till then Healthy dieting!






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  1. Just a year ago, I was just obsessive about losing my body weight as much as anyone else. I tried virtually every possible option available to me including resorting to my friends and colleagues who have done that considerably well. Then I found Calotren and decided to give it a shot. It has been truly effective as it contains a natural protein formula that helps you to reduce toxins and surplus body fats effortlessly. Actually, Calotren steps up the natural mechanism of our body to burn excess fats and sugars helping us to reduce effectively. You can try the same and let me know your experience too. Good luck!

  2. Diet Advice says:

    I would also recommend the Sasse Guide blog page. Dr. Sasse is a weight loss expert, author, speaker and experienced bariatric surgeon who maintains a pretty active blogging schedule with lots of great tips and advice for dieting and weight loss issues.

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