6 quick tips to avoid constipation (Kabz)


constipationConstipation, a most common gastric complaint has affected almost every one of us at some point of time during our life.  There are some of us, who might be dealing with it almost daily, whereas others may experience it occasionally.  Constipation can become a problem   following a surgery or in women during pregnancy.  Constipation sounds like a common and non severe disorder. The fact is, if it is only for a short duration, it may not be a serious problem, but if it is not treated, may lead to more serious complications such as hemorrhoids and anal fissures (tears in the skin around the anus) and so on.  Let us look at common causes of constipation and natural ways to prevent it.


How do I know if I am constipated? stomachache

You are likely constipated if you:


  • are having fewer than three bowel movements in a week
  • are straining to pass a bowel movement
  • are having hard stools
  • are dealing with crampy, bloated, abdominal

What causes constipation?

Common causes of constipation are:    intestine

  • not enough fiber in the diet
  • lack of physical activity (especially in the elderly)
  • changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, aging, and travel
  • ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement
  • dehydration
  • problems with intestinal function (chronic idiopathic constipation) 

How can I avoid the constipation?

Indeed severe forms of constipation need medical treatment, whereas mild to moderate forms of constipation can easily be avoided and treated.  Here are few simple tips to prevent the unpleasant complications of constipation and to have more regular digestion:  drink-plenty-of-water


1. Drink plenty of water or juice: Though you know that drinking of plenty amount water can be helpful for good health but most of us don’t even try it. As a rule of thumb, minimum 8 glasses of water a day is recommended. Though to get relief, drink 2 to 4 extra glasses of water per day than recommended level, especially in the morning. 


high-fibre-diet2. Eat high Fiber diet:  This is a fact that people who eat a high-fiber diet including fruits, vegetables, beans and whole-grain cereals are less likely to become constipated....

 The American Dietetic Association recommends eating 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day. However, according to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearing House (NDDICH) most the people consume only 5 to 14 grams of fiber per day. 


·         Eat at least 2 servings of fruit, such as apricots, peaches, pears, raisins, figs, prunes, dates, and other dried fruits, each day.


·         Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables, such as cooked dried beans or peas (legumes), broccoli, or cauliflower, each day


3. Avoid low-fiber foods:  A low-fiber diet those are in high fat and sugar, such as ice cream, cheese and processed foods.  These foods play a key role in constipation and may aggravate the situation. no_coffee


4. Limit caffeine intake:  Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeine, which can worsen symptoms of constipation by causing dehydration.


5. Don’t ignore the urge: This is a very important aspect, go when you feel the urge. People who ignore the urge to have a bowel movement may eventually stop feeling the need to have one, which in response make stool dry that become difficult to pass and ultimately lead to constipation.


excercise16. Exercise regularly: Regular eexercise such as walking, biking or swimming, is important to maintain the proper bowel movement.


I will reveal one of my grandma’s recipes to get relief if you are constipated.  Take luke warm water and add a tea spoon of sugar and some lemon juice.  Shake well and drink it.  It worked for me! 


With no doubt I am certain that these quick and easy tips can kick start any sluggish colon. These tips not only will help you in preventing the onset of constipation but you will find a healthier lifestyle.


Healthy eating!



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