84% MNA twin cities nurses vouch for strike


Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) got 84% votes to pull of an open-ended work strike in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, which will affect 14 hospitals.  MNA called off a strike on June 10th and needed 66% votes from nurses for longer strike.  Nurses overwhelmed MNA with 84% vote.

What are the demands of MNA?
MNA has put forth two main demands to hospitals:

  • Increase the staff in hospitals
  • No cuts should be applied to pension of nurses

When are nurses expected to go on strike?
Nurses said that they will give ten days notice to hospitals before they go on strike.  With this overwhelming response, the union has said that they will not call for strike “as long as productive negotiations are continuing”.

What is the main objective of MNA?
Linda Hamilton, president of MNA has acknowledged that main goal of the association is not to go on an indefinite strike.  MNA has been complaining to hospitals regarding shortage of staff, which is putting life of patients in danger for last three months.  MNA wants to get the voice across management of hospital to make necessary changes.

Although, MNA said that nurses will do their part to protect the patients, but this vote has raised eyebrows of hospital authorities and at the same time has made...

patients and their families anxious.  Nurse Jill Wineinger who works at hospitals in North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale and Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis, hopes to get more clarity and cooperation to the situation in next couple of days. She voted to authorize an open-ended strike, but she’s really hoping it can be avoided.

Spokeswoman for the hospitals Maureen Schriner said “It doesn’t benefit the nurses, it doesn’t benefit the patients and it doesn’t benefit the community,” she said. “We need a contract that’s going to allow our hospitals to remain among the top in the country. We compensate our nurses among the best in the country and we need our quality of care to move forward and the union proposals really move us backward.”

Response from nurses for strike by MNA has raised concerns in twin cities and I hope MNA and hospitals are able to resolve the issue quickly in best interest of the patients.

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  1. Jan Rabbers says:

    Hi Christine,
    Actually, on June 10th, MNA pulled off the largest nursing strike in U.S. history. It was a one-day strike from 7 a.m. June 10 – 7 a.m. June 11th. When the hospitals didn’t budge on their position, we sent this louder message of solidarity that nurses are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve safe staffing levels on behalf of our patients.

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