A little too much chocolate is just about right!


chocolates4Ice cream, chocolate, truffles, and cookies: these delicious treats can literally medicate you.

Evidence proves that eating chocolate

  • Releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers and make you more blissful and less cranky
  • May reduce stress and have a calming effect
  • Does not give someone acne or other skin eruptions
  • Does not trigger migraine headaches
  • Eating moderate amounts of chocolate makes one live almost a year longer,
  • And that’s not all. About an hour after indulging in such melt-in – your- mouth luxuries, the mood-boosting hormone serotonin joins the party.

Alas, this sweet effect works temporarily, but it also make your condition worse in the long run

As somebody quoted I don’t understand why so many “so called” chocolate lovers complain about the calories in chocolate, when all true chocoholics know that it is a vegetable. It comes from the cocoa bean, beans are...

There is more to a chocolate than just the veggie part.


  • Sugar highs are usually followed by the sugar blues, as your blood sugar crashes and you feel worse than before.
  • Sugar in chocolate contributes to weight gain, which can promote depression.
  • Chocolate contains a high amount of stearic acid, a saturated fat, that elevates LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol level in the blood thereby increases the risk of coronary artery disease and coronary death.
  • Sugar feeds Candida, yeast that grows out of the control in the presence of excessive sugar and starches.

“I could give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter”. Well the choice is yours!!

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  1. kunal says:

    well do you think people who eat chocllates can quit smoking and other activites and does this really reduces stress

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