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Know About Health was officially launched on 10th May 2009. Passion for health care industry inspired this blog and Know About Health is as it sounds.

As they say “Prevention is better than cure”. Globally recognized studies inform that the awareness about basic health mitigate chances of contracting a disease. This has motivated many organizations to, not only innovate solutions for health problems, but to create programs for health awareness. Information technology has changed the dynamics of disseminating information on global level. You are just one click away from the information you need and a click is what you need to get aware of health issues through Know About Health (KAH).

Every life begins with a single unit called as “cell”. This single cell multiplies into many more and in human beings, ultimately leads to a complex yet well coordinated multi-functional “structure”. Well “cell” of the blog KAH has grown to a rich health information “source” with contributions from highly motivated team.

KAH multifunctional structure includes:

  • Health News – You will find news about pharma, medical device or general health
  • Health & Fitness – You will find information on fitness such as low carb diet or yoga
  • Health-o-Meter – Health gadgets have made significant impact on individual life like glucose monitoring device
  • iHealth – You will find this section dedicated to emerging health apps and information related to smart phones
  • Diseases – You will find information on diseases, their common cause and so on like Diabetes
  • Drugs – You will find information about drugs in this section like how does Lipitor work?
  • Health Tips – You will find basic information, natural ways and much more general info

You must have heard that “The pen is mightier than the sword”. I think in today’s health information technological age The pen is mightier than the pill”.

KAH Team

Rupali Gupta (Chief Editor/Owner)
Rupali Gupta is a health care professional with MS in Microbiology and an MBA.  She has held various positions with pharmaceutical industry both on research and marketing sides. She firmly believes in preventive healthcare and the fact that it can be increased through dissemination of health information.  She founded this blog in 2009 and started KAH, a health awareness drive.

Her pharma marketing background comes handy in writing blogs as she has command in channelizing information in a concise format, which is easier to understand and visualize.  She is a firm believer of the fact that “Pictures speak thousand words”.  You will find pictures in the articles that will provide crisp message related to the article and enhancing its readability. View all posts by Rupali Gupta.

Christine Stomes (Managing Editor)
Christine Stomes is a health nutritionist and brings tons of experience to KAH.  She is strong believer of the fact that “you become what you eat”.  Christine has been in health industry for long enough time and is a health news junkie.  She likes to read and write about health news day in and day out.

Her primary interest is diets, but you will find Christine touching upon varied aspects of the healthcare industry.  The thing I like about Christine is the fact that she is always open to new ideas.  Her firm belief in health awareness has always kept her on toes to find new ways to reach out to people.  If you have suggestions for Christine, feel free to comment on her blogs. View all posts by Christine Stomes.

Mark Lyall  (Editor)
Mark holds a MS degree in Engineering and is passionate about the health gadgets.  He has tried every model of iPhone that was released by Apple and would want to continue to do so in future.  As a part of his passion, Mark keeps track of medical devices and apps developed for health industry.  He wants to be a problogger and KAH is fortunate to have him as a team member.

Mark believes that one day we will be able to do basic diagnosis of the body by simply rolling the phone over our body, similar to the metal detectors used at airports.  Well Mark, keep your spirits high, we look forward for your contributions to KAH. View all posts by Mark Lyall.

Yogini Bhavsar (Editor)
By training Yogini is a Biochemist and loves to explore the heights of possibilities that Life sciences could offer to enrich the experience called Life.  She reveres the fact that scientific and technological advancements have made diagnosis and treatments far more easier, faster and accurate than never before. She feels that KAH is an active platform for sharing as well as updating one’s knowledge about Healthy living. She wants to be an active contributor to KAH and KAH is pleased to have her as team member.

Yogini is completely fascinated by the idea of tailoring human phenotype by altering the genotype to create genetically superior being. The power of biological innovation is incredible as well as realistic. Team KAH will look forth for your valuable contributionsYogini. View all posts by Yogini Bhavsar.

Akshay Gupta (Web Manager)
Akshay Gupta is a Software Engineer. Akshay was curious about how gadgets/appliances worked, right from childhood and has made a mess by dissecting many appliances.  Currently, his wheels are turning for the IT industry. He is working for a start up company; is a radical thinker and likes to develop applications with a “WOW” factor.

We are fortunate that Akshay is able to take out time to maintain this website. So far, we have not challenged his mental capability with mundane website maintenance work.  Keep an eye on KAH for features that will be developed with Akshay’s innovative thinking.

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