Australian government to spend $500,000 on iPad for hospitals

iPad has been talk of the town since its launch this year.  It has given a tough competition to ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle.  iPad is sleek with user friendly interface.  iPad is gaining popularity in the public domain and health sector is talking about giving iPad to doctors and nurses.

 A news came from Victoria, the second most populous state in Australia, which is looking to spend $500,000 towards a pilot program that involves using iPad for hospital treatment.  Victorian state government will purchase 500 iPads by start of next year and deliver it to hospitals across the state.  The program is intended to assess the mobility of iPad platform and use of web based applications by doctors and nurses. 

Daniel Andrews, state health minister said that “The iPads will allow doctors and nurses to access any web-enabled application run by their hospital as they move around the hospital, as well as allowing them to tap into health information resources.”

“The iPads will connect via the wi-fi networks that allow...

secure, safe wireless connectivity within the hospital while not affecting other important and sensitive electronic patient care equipment.”

Chief Executive of South Australian’s health department expressed concerned over use of iPad with respect to issues like security of patient information and asked to evaluate iPad before distributing it to hospitals.

From the get go, many tech analyst predicted utility of iPad for physicians and nurses.  I think the step taken by the Australian government is a significant one and hope to see its impact on improvement in quality of health care.

Source: imedicalapps

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