Auti – Interactive toy for Autistic child


Few months back, I met a couple with Autism child.  It was my first direct interaction with some one, who has bearing the pains of raising an Autistic child.  There are endless challenges while raising an Autistic child.  From the conversation I could deduce that the first problem is finding out that your child has Autism.  Autism is basically a disorder of neural development, which is accompanied by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old.

It is challenging for parents to teach behavioral skills to Autistic child.  A special interactive toy was developed by two child specialists, an engineer, and an industrial designer at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  The toy, named as “Auti” is designed for autistic children, aged six months and up, to stimulate their imaginations and teach positive behaviors.

The main features of Auti include:

  • Cute toy
  • Programmable sensors having ability to detect touch and sound
  • Ability to shut down in response to negative such as hitting or screaming
  • Ability...

    to respond positively with movement during friendly interaction, such as stroking or soft speaking.
  • Ability to program as per the need of your child


Auti sounds like a good interactive toy for Autistic children and addresses speaking, touching, and collaborating skills. We hope that children suffering from Autism are able to take advantage of this toy.

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