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hair-combHair loss is men’s number one cosmetic problem.  Many men ignore the onset of baldness until it is too late.  If you love your hair, you might want to add ‘Baldness calculator’ in your hair care list besides creams, lotions and medicines. As the name suggests, baldness calculator estimates the exact age at which a person will go bald or have lost most of their hair.


Dr Adolf Klenk, head of research and development at hair care company called “Dr Kurt Wolff”, said: more and more men value full hair, especially younger men, as they are looking for a partner and are at the peak of their social lives. Baldness calculator may provide a relief for them as it can predict the age at which a man will go bald or if they will have a full head of hair in the old age.


What is baldness calculator and how does it diagnose the problem?

Baldness calculator is a web-based program designed by German scientists. It asks users to answer up to 12 questions, including age, marital status, current hairline, hair loss in the family, frequency of wearing a hat and stress levels.  After few clicks of the mouse, you will find scientific result.



How can I check my baldness status?

You can take the baldness test on alpecin website or click Alpecin: baldness calculator to know your baldness status.




How many people have already used it?

More than half a million German men have already used it within ten days of its launch and so far globally three million...

men have used it,


What are the risk factors of baldness?

As per Dr. Adolf Klenk following are the major risk factors of baldness:


  • Genetic predisposition is by far the most common cause of baldness
  • Long-term emotional stress perhaps associated with a divorce or the loss of a close relative leads to hair loss
  • Poor diet can fail to provide the hair with sufficient nutrients
  • Wearing headgear or helmet may put hair roots at risk of being pulled out or lose density

Baldness Calculator has become a hit in various countries, almost overnight and is said to be the world’s first reliable tool for predicting hair loss.  However, some scientists have advised caution against using it as it preys on the nearly universal fear among men that they’ll go bald. 


I think time will prove how well the prediction by Baldness Calculator matches with the real life data.   I believe a new baldness calculator may bring some cheer to you if you are anxious about your receding hairline. It is one of those moments, where you might not want to know your future, if it does not look bright.  If your prediction says that you will become bald soon, you might want to say that you are not becoming bald, but you are becoming wise.  Alternatively you can quote a Roman philosopher from mid 1st century AD: I don’t consider myself bald; I’m just taller than my hair.

Healthy combing!


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