Be aware of bacterial risk with reusable bags


Reusable grocery bags are becoming popular day by day.  You can buy reusable grocery bags in your grocery stores by different names, including green bags.  I had a chuckle looking at these reusable bags because in India such bags are famous from ages.  In fact in earlier days there were no plastic bags, so people used to use reusable bags. You will be surprised to know ladies use to sew these bags from old clothes and use them as grocery bags.  One thing is for sure, reusable grocery bags are inexpensive and durable.

According to a story covered by USA today; “reusable bag healthier for the planet, but not necessary for shoppers.”  Microbiologists swabbed inside of the bag including straps to check the harmful bacterial strains like Salmonella, Listeria but they found elevated amount of non-fecal E-coli.  The microbiologists concluded that:

  • Bacteria found in reusable bags like E-coli can be a signal of presence of other pathogens.
  • Shoppers are unaware that bacteria might be present in the bag that can make them sick.

For more details please visit video: Reusable_bag

title="reusable_bags_say_no_to_paper_plastic_bag" src="" alt="" width="150" height="150" />When asked from the shoppers during the study, they told that they are not concerned about the bacteria present in the reusable bags considering the benefits it provides.  State department of health service of Arizona, recommended that shoppers maintain proper hygiene like washing their hand and food.

I grew up with a culture of usable bags and in those days usable bags were cleaned in laundry after certain time.  I did not realize that reusable bags can pose risk to the health. It would be worth mentioning though that maintain basic hygiene and wash your bags regularly.

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