Be smart about flip flop during outdoor activity


When I heard about the term flip flop many years ago, I was wondering what kind of footwear is that.  Later I found that flip flop is another name for slippers.  I see people, especially women wearing flip flops almost everywhere, shopping malls, office setting and etc.  The most important thing that goes in favor of flip flops is its ease of use, just slip it on and you are ready to go. 

You can get flip flops in your favorite colors and design, but foot physicians are not fan of flip flops.  As per a video from cnn, flip flops can be bad for foot as:

  • Flat foot are bad for arches
  • Provide poor support and can cause ankle injuries
  • Ease of sliding of feet can cause blisters and calluses  

Dr.  Kathya Zinszer, Temple Department of Medicine and Orthopedics, acknowledged that

  • Foot wear should support “bio-mechanics” of the foot
  • Rubbery flip flops can be more dangerous than bare...


Dr. Zinszer also said that

  • Pick your flip flop wisely, when and what to wear
  • It should compliment your activities like going to gym or hiking 


I have done it myself that due to ease of use, worn flip flops to taking a evening walk around my place and found that even half an hour walk up and down the hill was painful for my foot.  Foot is supporting whole weight of your body and it is important that you take proper care of your foot.


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