Beat stress with natural scents (aromatherapy)


stressedDo you feel like there is too much pressure and responsibilities? Losing sleep worrying about your job, kids and so on? Skipping meal because your schedule is packed? I think you are not alone.  Life has become very mechanical and everyone has some degree of stress, almost on daily basis.  Children have stress due to their test and exams, teens are worried for their future, adults have pressure of their family and job.  But, it is inevitable and long term stress can cause physical and emotional damage to your health.  Therefore, it is necessary to reduce your stress levels as soon as you can. 


meditationEvergreen recommended remedy to combat stress is to take proper sleep, meditation, exercise and have healthy diet.  I have even written in the past “Be water my friend” that can help in balancing your mind and reduce stress.  Some people use stress balls to gain relief and scientist have developed yet another way of dealing with stress “Aromatherapy”.  Aromatherapy, the use of fragrant plant oils to improve mood and health is becoming a popular form of stress relieving natural remedy.


Recently scientists in Japan at Saitama University have presented the first scientific evidence that aromatherapy (inhaling certain fragrances) alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that can reduce stress levels. Their study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Aromatherapy


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, as it sounds, involves inhalation of various fragrances, or aromas. These aromas are held in the essential oils.  Aromatherapy has been has been practiced since ancient times. Many people may classify aromatherapy as a type of alternative treatment.


What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

It has been said since ancient times that people have inhaled the scent of certain plants to reduce stress, fight inflammation, anxiety and depression, and induce sleep


What are the different flavors of stress reducing scents available?

There are ranges of aromatherapy scents available in the market.  Here are the glimpses of few of them that can be useful to calm and relieve stress. 21523793

  • mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1;">Lavender:  The lavender oil has natural stress bursting effects that makes person calm and relaxed.  It is originally from France.
  • Linalool: One of the most widely used substances to soothe away emotional stress.
  • Jasmine:  Originally from India, this oil is called the “king” of oils. It helps in relaxation and prevents mental blockage, nervousness and sadness. Jasmine flower is called as “raat ki raani” in Hindi, which means “queen of night”.
  • Chamomile:  From Italy, this oil has a powerful calming and sedating effects.  calm-mind
  • Bergamot:  This Italian oil is helpful for relieving stress and can ‘loosen up’ your tensed state.
  • Rose: Originating in Bulgaria is an essential oil for promoting a calming effect.
  • Clary sage: The essential oil from Russia, stimulate the body’s natural production of endorphins that relieve fatigue and chronic pain.
  • Sandalwood: This Indian origin oil is useful for the treatment of acne and is a wonderful way to calm nerves.


We always look for the natural ways to enhance our lives without spending too much.  The fact is, most of the natural therapies; in general, do not come with side effects as in the case of drugs.  So, next time when you feel stress, you might consider using scents to burst the stress. I would say, add a bottle of scent to your stress relieving kit at your office along with the stress ball. 


Healthy Inhaling!



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