Bird flu in northeast India in midst of Cricket World Cup


India is one of the hosts to Cricket World Cup 2011, which kicked off on 19 Feb.  The Indian Government has alerted of bird flu or avian influenza outbreak in Tripura, northeastern part of the country.  The government is taking necessary steps to deal with the outbreak and has communicated that there was no reason to panic.

What was the cause of bird flu outbreak?
The bird flu outbreak was reported to be from a state-run duck farm in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura.

What steps is government taking to deal with bird flu outbreak?
The government has taken following steps:

  • culling of the entire poultry population within a radius of three kilometers of the site where the disease has been confirmed to prevent its spreading.
  • immediately start destroying eggs and feed material
  • ban movement of poultry and its products, prevent movement of farm personnel and restrict access to the infected sites.

Why there is...

not much concern about this bird flu?

It has been communicated that the flu has been found in ducks, which is less widely consumed, not in chickens.  On a second note the bird flu outbreak is not expected to have less economic impact as Tripura imports poultry from other states to meet local demand, and doesn’t supply it outside the state.

Indian subcontinent is in mist of one of the most watched event, Cricket World Cup.  Hopefully, the bird flu in Tripura will be controlled and not spread to other parts of the country.


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