Breakthrough microbicide gel protect women against HIV


AIDS is one of the most threatening immune deficiency diseases all over the world. According to current statistics, twenty-five million people have died from AIDS and more than 33 million are infected by HIV. Although AIDS is a major concern for all the countries, but African countries represent the highest HIV positive cases. In sub-Saharan Africa, women represent nearly 60% of adults living with HIV, and in several southern African countries young women are at least three times more likely to be HIV-positive than young men.

Scientists from all over the world have been working hard to develop a treatment option for AIDS sufferer. Finally after a decade of hard work, scientists have achieved the first AIDS prevention breakthrough in the form of vaginal gel that can protect women from developing the risk of contracting HIV and genital herpes.

Breakthrough vaginal gel
It is a microbicide gel – known as PRO 2000. It is intended to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections when applied topically inside the vagina or rectum. It may prevent male-to-female sexual transmission of HIV infection.

What does the gel contain?
The gel contains a 1% concentration of tenofovir, a frontline drug in the combination therapy to treat people already infected with HIV.  The gel was recommended to be applied 12 hours before and 12 hours after the sex during the study.

Global AIDS Statistics- Kaiser Family Foundation

 About clinical Trial
Clinical trial was conducted in Africa and the United States and findings...

of the study, funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the NIH. The trial, called CAPRISA 004, was tested among 889 sexually active, HIV-uninfected women living in urban and rural settings.  Half the volunteers were given the gel and the other the placebo.  Women were told to use the gel within 12 hours before sex, and as soon as possible afterwards, but also within 12 hours. The result of the study showed:

  • Reduced risk of HIV infection by 39% over the course of 2½ years.
  • Reduced risk of genital herpes by 51%.  Women with herpes are twice as likely to be infected with HIV.
  • The gel worked best in the women who used it most consistently. Women who used the gel at least 80% of the time were 54% less likely to become infected.

The study published by the journal, Science.

For a long time, the condom was the only method to protect from the sexually transmitted and HIV disease. Now the latest research on vaginal gel provides a glimmer of hope to millions of women at risk for HIV, especially young women in Africa. The study, while not conclusive, but has demonstrated encouraging results and provide hope to get the product soon in the market.

Source:  usatoday


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  1. Woman says:

    Here’s a glimmer of hope: Don’t have sex outside of marriage!!!

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