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Mental stress has been an ever growing problem, especially the work related stress.  On top of that today’s economy does not help, still the unemployment rate is high, and companies are struggling to keep their numbers steady, which puts more pressure on employees. Mental Workout, a Southampton, NY based company released an iPhone app to deal with stress.  The app is called Freedom from Stress, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Freedom from Stress iPhone app offers the following:

  • five effective, scientifically-proven strategies for eliminating stress and enhancing overall well-being
  • a video introduction to stress, tips for dealing with stressful situations, suggestions for lifestyle changes
  • a total of 18 guided exercises and meditations

You can go for the stress relieving strategies in either sequential order, stepping up to next level, or build you own program based on the strategies that fit best for you.

Hear from Stephan Bodian
Stephan Bodian is an internationally renowned author and meditation teacher.  He is  a licensed psychotherapist specializing in helping people lead happier, healthier, and more stress-free lives. One of the positive things about Freedom from stress iPhone app is that it is created and narrated by Stephan.  Stephan Bodian said “This has been the primary motivation of my work for the last 30 years. By teaming up with Mental Workout, we can offer a state-of-the-art program that is accessible and easy to...


What does Mental Workout CEO has to say?
Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Founder and CEO of Mental Workout acknowledged that:

  • With Mental Workout’s focus on helping people live better lives through self-mentorship, we are thrilled to be launching the Freedom From Stress iPhone app – an app aimed at combatting one of the most pervasive barriers to happiness and personal well-being
  • Our best-in-class stress-management iPhone app is such a natural and exciting fit in the Mental Workout roster. It is a simple and powerful tool that empowers people to combat and manage their exposure to the epidemic of stress in our society.

Freedom From Stress is not free, it can be downloaded from Apple store (iTunes Link) for $4.99. It is also available as a web-based program.  Chronic stress could have negative impact on your health.  Try out this app and see if it makes your life stress free.

Source: PR Web

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