Can Windows 7 mobile impact healthcare industry?


Microsoft is planning to unveil range of Windows phone7 mobile on 11 October 2010. Windows 7 mobile has become talk of the town and many iPhone users do not believe that Windows 7 mobile will affect market of iPhones, they are more worried about the Google Android.  Rather iPhone fans are rooting in favor of Windows mobile 7.  We have been tracking the health apps being developed for the smart phones and one obvious question comes to mind is, whether Windows mobile gain attention of healthcare industry? 

Our quest took us to Microsoft website by a simple Google search and the website revealed that Windows Optimized Client Devices can help health organizations achieve the right balance in their client device infrastructure by providing:

  • a seamless and mobile remote experience,
  • simplified application management,
  • effective management of physical and virtual assets
  • support for users-all while lowering information and communications technology (ICT) costs.  

One thing you would agree that Windows 7 mobile is entering very late into the market considering the success...

of iPhone and Android.  Windows 7 has a much stronger base in the realm of software industry with many applications in healthcare industry such as Microsoft Patient Experience Platform (MPEP), Microsoft Patient Safety tools, and many more.  The question remains that will Windows 7 mobile make impact in medical community, especially if iPhone, Android or Blackberry has strong presence.  I would like to know, what do the smart phone users think about it.  Look forward for more competition in mHealth space by introduction of Windows 7 mobile phones and your reviews.

8 Responses

  1. Dr K Churchill says:

    Windows Phone 7 is not suitable for medical use.

    Microsoft has obsoleted its older Windows Mobile, and started again with a new mobile platform called Windows Phone 7.

    First, Windows Phone 7 is being aimed at consumers. Its front interface is full of Facebook notifications.

    Second, being a new platform, it is missing some of the basic functionality. It can’t Copy/Paste text for example. Much of the mechanics to make software work are missing.

    Third, Microsoft has tight control over what devices it can go into. For ruggedized and industrial devices, you can either use the old Windows Mobile (which is now obsolete) or move to Google’s Android platform.

    Fourth, Windows Phone 7 is a very closed platform. It’s not suitable for those deploying custom applications. For example, all apps, including your custom apps, must be made available on Microsoft’s app store. You’re not permitted to use any other store. You’re not permitted to ‘side-load’ apps off a removable SD memory card.

    I think the world is moving towards Android, and I would move to Android for economies of scale, for a choice of device form factors, and for custom apps.

  2. Dr Whatever says:

    I’m also looking forward to whether or not the new WP7 will be a good alternative to existing smartphones for use in the healthcare industry.

    I agree it’s missing fundamental features like copy/paste but there is situational copy/paste functionality and that may in fact be enough for applications. Clearly it would not be enough if you write long chunks of text and hope to import that text elsewhere.

    I don’t know what ruggedised or industrial devices you’re referring to but presumably you can wait for hardware suppliers to produce them or you can take the effort to hack WP7 onto a custom device (as it has already been done with the existing HTC phone that runs WM6.5).

    But I think another major obstacle for the batch of phones released at launch is their comparably low internal memory and the inability to change SD cards.

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