Cardiac Science launched wireless ECG monitoring system


Bothell, Washington based Cardiac Science is a provider of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology devices and systems.  Cardiac Science released the CareCenter MD diagnostic workstation for analysis of resting ECG and stress testing using a wireless data acquisition module.

System features from the press release:

  • Wireless data acquisition: A Bluetooth connection between the patient and the diagnostic workstation removes the need for cables, providing the opportunity for physicians to perform testing in a wider range of settings.
  • Advanced connectivity: Physicians can read, analyze, and confirm patient tests from anywhere with a secure internet connection. While no EMR is required to view data with CareCenter MD, records can be easily transferred to an EMR if desired.
  • Shared patient database: Data for both ECG and stress tests are stored in the same database and can be easily accessed and reviewed, allowing physicians to make real-time comparisons of historical versus current patient data.
  • Modern user interface:...

    A simple and intuitive interface featuring one-button navigation makes CareCenter MD easy-to-use, reducing the need for training and allowing fast and efficient workflow.


Rene Mitchell, Director of Marketing said in the press release that:

  • CareCenter MD delivers superior ease-of-use and efficiency.
  • It’s the first PC-based diagnostic workstation that supports both resting ECG and stress testing with a wireless data acquisition module.

Source: cardiascience

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