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How many of you go to gym and wipe down the equipment, mats etc after use?  There are instructions all over the place in gyms that advise users to wipe down equipment after use.  In fact some gyms have policy to clean the equipments and if a user violates the policy, the user can loose his health club membership.  Dr. Kavita Mariwala acknowledged that gyms are common place to catch germs and suggested some ways to keep your self safe, in CBS “The Early Show on Saturday Morning.”

What are the major areas in gym that have germs?
It was suggested that three major areas can have germs in a health club or gym:

Shower:  Showers are great place to catch athlete’s foot, if not wearing shoes. 

Mats: Yoga mats if not wiped after use; sweat can transmit bacteria from other persons pore and can cause Folliculitis.  This can appear as pimple or blanket of pimples on your skin.

Exercise machines:  Studies have shown that one of most germ prone place in gym is exercise machines and if you have open wounds than you can easily catch those germs.


How can I avoid germs?
These strategies can save you...

from most of the germs:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap/ water or antibacterial gel.  Dry your hand and avoid using towel at gym that can transfer ringworms
  • Before lying down on a mat, clean it with anti-bacterial wipe and let it dry.  Don’t assume previous user wiped it.
  • Ask your gym how they clean their towels (bleached or not) to assess the possibility of germs
  • Use anti-microbial soap instead of anti-bacterial, as germs can be of various kinds, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.
  • Use two gym bags, one of dirty clothes and one for clean clothes. Preferably use washable bag to avoid germs growth in your gym bag.

I think CBS touches upon an important topic as more and more people are going to health centers.  Although, most gyms take precautions to avoid exposure to germs, but there is so much they can do.  Best strategy is that you take care of yourself and remain healthy.

Healthy Exercising!

Source:  cbsnews

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