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ThanksgivingThanksgiving is around the corner and I am eagerly waiting for the long weekend. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada on the fourth Thursday in NovemberI was talking with a colleague of mine regarding his plans for the Thanksgiving and he was excited about the Turkey.  Turkey is sign of Thanksgiving and is the special meal for Thanksgiving.  My colleague asked my plans of eating Turkey and I told him, I am a vegetarian.  Well, I should say eggetarian as I take eggs. I was telling him about my experience about eating mock Turkey and we were making jokes about the soya Turkey and how would it be in taste as compared to the real Turkey.

VeganThe conversation got me thinking that is there any popular vegetarian dish for Thanksgiving.  I found an article on New York Times that says about a Vegan dish for Thanksgiving.  The title itself grabbed my attention as vegan is more stringent diet than vegetarian.  Vegans don’t even eat any dairy products like milk, butter, etc.  I thought I should share the dishes with my readers, so that they have some options as special Thanksgiving dish while they are enjoying Thanksgiving with their carnivorous friends (no pun intended).

Couple of dishes was mentioned in the article, namely mushroom roulade and gnocchi with pumpkin sauce.  If you have the pumpkin left over from the Halloween party, may not be a bad idea to put it to use.  These dishes are specialty of a chef from Phoenix, Jason Wrick, who runs an online magazine for vegans called Vegan Culinary Experience.  Actually, at the young age of 28, Mr. Wyrick was detected with Type 2 diabetes. In a matter of eight years he has been able to reverse his diabetes by restricting himself to a low-fat, vegan diet.  

Mushroom-roulade Mushroom roulade as the name suggests the main ingredient is Portobello mushroom.  The preparation starts with marinating the Portobello mushroom in red wine along with chopped garlic and nutmeg for at least four hours.  These mushrooms are charcoal grilled or baked.  Along with it prepare a filling for the mushroom, which involves frying onion in...

olive oil and adding French bread to it along with vegetable stock. The dish is more involved that it sounds.  For full recipe, I would recommend that you go through the New York Times article.   

gnocchi_and_greensWhole wheat gnocchi sounds like an Italian dish and caught my eye more than the mushroom roulade.  I like Italian food, but I had no idea what does gnocchi mean or how does it look like.  Well, my friend Google helped me out.  I was right about the Italian part and I learned that gnocchi is an Italian variety of soft noodle or dumpling.  In
fact, gnocchi means lumps and is derived from nocchio, which means knot in wood. 
In Roman times, gnocchi were made from semolina porridge-like dough mixed with eggs, but our chef Mr. Wrick has used gnocchi made from whole wheat. 

The sauce for the gnocchi dish is made out of the pureed pumpkin which is mixed with the almond milk, nutmeg and salt.  Simply boil the gnocchi in water and strain it and sprinkle cold water.  Serve gnocchi in plate with sauce.  To garnish the dish, our chef suggests making a cream out of basil, which is a blend of soaked cashew, water, basil and pepper.  Blend it until it becomes creamy and make patterns of your liking from this cream to garnish your gnocchi.  The article describes full ingredients and recipe for whole wheat gnocchi. 

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, I am sure you will enjoy these special Thanksgiving dishes from our Phoenix chef.  As far as I see, mushroom dish is more involved and time consuming than the gnocchi dish.  If you are running out of time, make whole wheat gnocchi for your vegan friends as our chef says “It’s hearty, tasty and a huge hit during the holidays.”

Healthy Thanksgiving!


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