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Smart phone apps for health have become more innovative and user-friendly.  There is no doubt that iPhone has contributed to popularity of the smart phone due to two main reasons; being an Apple product, good looks and easy to usability. Android entered the market much later than iPhone, but its popularity has risen sharply since its launch.  Its market share goes hand in hand with iPhone users.  There is a free App for Android smart phones that can measure your heart rate by placing your finger on the camera of the phone.

How to measure heart rate?
It is very simple, just place your finger on the camera of the phone for just 6 sec and the Android app will calculate in and display your heart rate. Be gentle and do not press very hard on the edges of the camera, as it can momentarily block blood flow to you finger. 



Wondering how does it measure heart rate?
This Android app works similar way as a medical pulse oximeter, but without a dedicated light source. It works on the principle – oxygen saturation of the blood changes with heart beat.  Actually, with every heart beat, the blood becomes richer in oxygen, which produces slight change in color of skin as...

seen by sunlight.  The Android app developer have exploited this fact and use this change in color rate to determine hear rate. 


Are there any limitations of this Android App?
One of the obvious one is that it is recommended to use this Android app in good sunlight.  So, for best results, face your camera towards sunlight, when you are taking measurement. Another one is that currently; it can not measure heart rate below 50 bpm, which is expected to be rectified in next update.

What are you waiting for, download the app and start monitoring your heart rate.



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  1. Angie says:

    Nice list. I’m working out now so I take a lot of supplements, and I use MedDose to remember to take all of them. Great app too.

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