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Are you tired of looking through the packaging of food products in super markets?  It can be a painful process of making a healthy decision for your family based on information on food package with all the nutritional claims.  Fooducate, an iPhone app can make your job easier by scanning UPC bar code through camera of your iPhone and revealing nutritional facts about the product.  Fooducate has a website that already has the information on nutritional facts about various products and now intends to make your life easier with its iPhone app. 

Fooducate iPhone app is free and easy to use.  Just point your iPhone camera towards the UPC bar code of the product you are interested in and the information about the product will be displayed on your iPhone.  If you don’t have camera in your phone, you can manually enter the bar code to have access to same information.  Fooducate provides the following information:

  • an overall grade rating for a product as compared to same products in the market.
  • calories per serving
  • trans fat, actual amount of...

    added sugar, preservatives and artificial colors

Fooducate’s rating is based on certain “bad” ingredients — too much sugar and salt, too many additives, too much high-fructose corn syrup, etc. Look through this youtube video for detailed use of Fooducate:

I hope you will find this app useful to make healthy choices for yourself and your family.  None-the-less, it saves you time, while you are shopping for healthy food for your family.

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Source: LA Times

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