Clean your teeth by Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth toothbrush


Oral-B-SmartSeries-Bluetooth-Electric-ToothbrushToothbrush has been a simple day to day gadget that is useful in keeping your teeth clean. Development of battery operated and further more recharageble toothbrush provided better users experience and more control on dental hygiene. Now we are entring a era of merger of information technology with medical devices, which is touted to give growth to the medical device sector. Beam technologies came out with first connected manual toothbrush in 2013, cleared by FDA in 2012 for $24.99.

Oral-B, one of the market leader in dental products made announcement of Bluetooth-connected electric toothbrush line, named SmartSeries to be available in iOS and Andriod this year.  The SmartSeries tooth Brush will be available to users in Germay and USA in June 2014.

How many modes does Oral-B SmartSeries toothbrush has?
The SmartSeries has six different brushing modes:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Deep clean
  • Whitening
  • Gum Care
  • Sensitive
  • Touge cleaning

Theese modes can be personalized by the user with help of their dentist.

How does Oral-B SmartSeries toothbrush help user?
SmartSeries app will start timing when you will start brushing with the selected brushing routine.  Also you will

  •  get alert message if too much pressure is applied
  • see graphical view of brushing performance over time

The app also suggests nearby dentists, and logs your appointments. It reminds you to replace your brush head every 90 days, with a link to buy more, and pictures to make sure you pick the right one.

“[Our Bluetooth connected toothbrush] provides the highest degree of user interaction to track your oral care habits to help improve your oral health, and we believe it will have significant impact on the future of personal oral care, providing data-based solutions for oral health, and making the relationship between dental professionals and patients a more collaborative one,” Wayne Randall, vice president of Global Oral Care at...

Procter and Gamble.

What is price tag on Oral-B SmartSeries toothbrush?
The toothbrush is set to launch with price tag of £199 in the UK, or 219 euros in the rest of Europe, and £219 in the US.

Is Oral-B first company to launch connected toothbrush?
Oral-B is the first big company to launch connected toothbrush, but not the first in this space.  Two other companies have connected toothbrush in market

  • Beam Brush – manual toothbrush launch in 2013, FDA approved in 2012
  • Kolibree – Launched electric brush in 2014.  The detects whether you hit all hard to reach places between gums and teeth along with brushing time

 The connected toothbrush does look like a promishing technology, but how much will you pay for such a toothbrush?  Also, with everything connected to internet, it will be interesting to see, how much of the data is analyzed by the user or clinic and put to use to further refine medecial care such as dental hygiene.  Dental hygiene is definetly important, but is connected bluetooth brush from companies like Oral-B an overkill?


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