Clinically proven health benefits of watermelon


Feeling hot and drained, craving to have something very refreshing, tasty but healthy and calorie free food.  Here is your summer treat, which is always known for good source of vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber with very low in fat and cholesterol content.  Yes, it is water melon that is summer fruit but available year-round to boost your health esteem.  If you have ever tasted a watermelon, you will not be surprised why watermelon has been aptly named.  The refreshing and mouth watering watermelon consists 92% water and 8% of sugar.


The first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt.  Now over 1,200 varieties of watermelons are grown worldwide in 96 countries.  The United States ranks fourth in worldwide production of watermelon.


Since watermelon contains high water quantity, it keeps you hydrated, whereas other drinks like caffeine filled energy drinks, generally, causes dehydration.  But there is a lot more to this melon than water that give us more reasons to enjoy a sweet slice of refreshing watermelon.  Here are some research results that have shed new light on its potential health benefits of watermelon.


Watermelon-rich-source-of-lycopeneWatermelon rich in antioxidants: Watermelon is a rich source of carotenoid, such as lycopene and beta carotene, which are natural antioxidants and provides numerous health benefits from fighting cancer to preventing sun-related skin damage.  Lycopene is effective against cancer-promoting agents called oxygen-free radicals.  Lycopene is found abundantly in red varieties of watermelon. Tomatoes are also the richest source of lycopene but it needs to be cooked to get the maximum absorption of lycopene, whereas raw watermelon appears to give the same lycopene boost.


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers found that watermelons, if stored at room temperature have significantly more antioxidants and other nutrients than if kept in a refrigerator.


95%-water-in-watermelonWatermelon provides hydration:  As we know thirst quenching water melon contains 92% of water that can help to replenish body fluids. Water is the most vital nutrient for life, over two-thirds of your body is made up of water.  Along with drinking plenty of water, eating watermelon will help you with liquids your body needs for optimum health


Watermelon an energy booster: Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin B6 and vitamin B1, which...

are necessary for energy production.  Vitamin B1 also helps to keep heart, brain, and nervous system running well, while vitamin B6 is an immune booster and has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.


Watermelon contains magnesium, and potassium and has a higher water content and lower calorie content than many other fruits (a whole cup of watermelon contains only 48 calories); it delivers more nutrients per calorie-an outstanding health benefit!




Watermelon-a-natural-viagraWater melon a natural Viagra:  Researchers say that watermelon is more than a seasonal treat.  Watermelon may be a natural Viagra because experts believe; it is richer in an amino acid called citrulline. The citrulline is converted into the amino acid arginine, , which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).


heart_watermelonWatermelon good for heart:  American Heart Association has given watermelon an official “heart-healthy” certification.  Watermelon is naturally low in saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol and has amino acids such as citrulline and arginine that help the arteries, blood flow and heart health.


Quench craving: There are only 96 calories in two fill-you-up cups of sweet watermelon, and its high liquid content makes you feel full.


The fact that watermelon can quench your thirst on a hot day in summer is the main reason that many people find it to be so satisfying.  I am big lover of watermelon and completely agree that sweet, cool, thirst-quenching watermelon not only makes you feel good, it’s good for your health too.


Healthy eating!



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  1. Sikantis says:

    Isn’t it great that something so good is so healthy at the same time!

  2. classic says:

    Watermelons are delicious and the classic choice for cooling of in a hot summer day.

  3. italy says:

    People in Italy really know a thing or two about cooking 😀 .

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