Columbus Narrow – fulfills unmet need of Asian knee implant


FIFA soccer world cup 2010 is peaking and Germany had a huge victory over Britain this weekend.  Here is news from German company, not regarding soccer, but designing a knee joint replacement implant, which address anatomy of Asian population.  With population of baby boomers increasing in Asians countries, especially Japan which is projected to have highest number of people over the age of 65, knee replacement will be needed.  The company selected Punjab (a state in India) for launch of its knee replacement product designed for Asians due to the fact that it has more demand for an appropriate knee joint replacement implant.

Why do we need knee joint implant designed for Asians?
Vincent Marie, chief designer of the knee replacement implant, stated that

  • there is basic difference in bone structure of the western and Asian people
  • since most of the knee replacement implants so far have been designed according to the anthropological measurements of western people, these implants tend to mismatch by some degree when used in Indian patients
  • the medio-lateral dimension of the knee joint in the western population is significantly more than their Asian counterparts
  • the bones of Indian people are narrower compared to the conventional knee implants.

Harsimran Singh, joint replacement surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali, India said that this design was long awaited by the orthopedic fraternity in India.

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What is the response of Indian doctors for this implant?
The knee implant is named as Columbus Narrow and is a modification of the highly successful high-flex Columbus implant that has been designed keeping the bone structure of Indian patients in mind.  Dr. Singh acknowledged that “Columbus-Narrow holds the promise to further improve the results of joint replacement in India. It has been designed with the experience of computer assisted navigation system. It would ensure least amount of soft tissue irritation and hence pain-free movement of the knee joint after surgery.”

I think this is good news for the Asian community that international companies are thinking about the population on those countries and designing implants as per their anatomy.  The market for Asian countries like India and China is huge due to high population.  As companies tap into the revenue stream by selling products in Asians countries, Asian countries will benefit from the product designed specifically for them.


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