Commonwealth games accused of spreading dengue fever in Delhi


Delhi has been seeing a lot of rain for past several weeks.  On top of that dengue fever has been on rise in Delhi and has raises concern of health officials.  Stagnant water provides ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes that are responsible for dengue fever.  According to Azad, the commonwealth games organizing committee has been providing growth of mosquito and hence spreading dengue fever.

Azad told reporters that “Dengue and water are strongly related. Delhi is already dug up because of the Games and it is also raining heavily. Since water remains accumulated in many places, it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which are contributing to diseases,”

Azad added that had commonwealth organizers completed construction before rainy season, the deadly virus outbreak had been avoided.  This year’s count of dengue victims in the city — currently totalling 434 — represents a huge rise from last 3 years (55 in 2008).

Have you seen the roads and residential areas in Delhi?  There is ample opportunity for water to collect.  The question is what are city officials doing regarding the spread of dengue?

As per TIO report, who are hard at work...

with fogging machines to prevent mosquito breeding in danger areas
, city administrators are working round the clock and mobile vans have been deployed to rush victims to dedicated hospitals.

On top of that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, 6,125 people have been prosecuted this season for allowing water stagnation to occur on their property.

Granted commonwealth games had lead to construction, pits etc in various parts of Delhi, but I don’t think city of Delhi has ever taken proactive approach to curb dengue fever during this season.  It is usually after the fact.  Do you think it is right to point fingers at commonwealth games organizers?  What do you think- what could have been done and should be done in future to avert dengue crisis?

Source: reuters


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