Count carb with Lenny the Lion iPad app from Medtronic


Preventive health care is gaining momentum with many companies offering reward programs like rewards for regularly going to fitness center.  Health awareness programs fall under the same category and have shown effectiveness in reducing certain diseases.  Medtronic MiniMed launched educational game for kids and young adults called Carb Counting with Lenny. 

 Lenny the Loin, global ambassador for children’s diabetes education, is designed to increase the learning of kids in dealing with foods when they have diabetes.  The idea sounds interesting to us as games are one of the best ways of teaching kids.  You can download the games on your iPhone or iPad through this link.   


Medgadet had a chance to talk to a rep of Medtronic and reported that Carb Counting with Lenny: 

  • can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes App Store for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.
  • It’s great for parents...

    (and even adults with diabetes have enjoyed it too),
  • the app features a guide presenting nutritious food choices with associated serving sizes and carbohydrate values.
  • app provides interactive games that help reinforce carb counting skills and keep children engaged.
  • Participate in contest and win prizes by beating Lenny at the app’s carb counting games.



Source: medgadget


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