Decline in onscreen smoking, tobacco use in top PG-13 movies

Smoking is harmful for the smokers and those who inhale the smoke. A recent report revealed that low levels of exposure to cigarette smoke (passive smoking) can alternate the function of genes implicated in lung diseases.  The growing rate of smoking, specifically in the young generation has become a national threat. One of the major factors responsible for luring youngsters towards smoking is the PG-13-rated movies that display smoking in many of their scenes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publication (CDC) has released a report that shows on screen tobacco had dropped significantly from their 2005 peak.

Revelation of the study
The researchers tracked tobacco use in the most popular films for nearly two decades. The movies included were the top 50 films for the years 1991-2001, and films ranked in the weekly top 10 from 2002-2009. Researchers counted the no. of scenes displayed with the tobacco and smoking. The results showed that

  • On screen tobacco incidents dropped 51% from their 2005 peak. In other words, the number dropped steadily to 1,935 last year compared to a peak of nearly 4,000 in 2005.
  • But majority of 2009 PG-13-rated movies still feature smoking
  • The amount of smoking in PG-13-rated movies...

    is of particular concern because that’s where teens can imbibe the habit.

Ursula Bauer of the CDC said “There’s a declining trend — which is good to see — but we haven’t made nearly enough progress.”

The study was partly funded by the American Legacy Foundation, an anti-smoking organization and the California Tobacco Control Program. Neither group had a role in the research.

It is true that movies and favorite stars have great influence on teens. The more teens are exposed to on-screen smoking, the more likely are chances of picking up the smoking habit. Some of the movie makers have done great job in reducing the amount of smoking scenes from the movies, we expect similar contribution from PG-13 movie makers to make the healthy and smoke free nation.

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Source: usatoday


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