Delhi CM endorses TOI heart disease awareness campaign


India is a country with population of over billion people.  Majority of Indians take vegetarian diet and it is belief of people in developed nations that vegetarian diet is a healthy diet.  That’s true, it is healthy, but still India is seeing increase in rate of heart disease and diabetes to alarming levels.  Apart from the way the vegetarian food is cooked, changes in lifestyle have contributed to this increase.

Time of India, one of the leading news papers in India in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals has launched a heart disease awareness campaign, which is called as “Billion Heart Beating (BHB)”.  This health drive was launched by Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit.  Inaugurating the campaign, Dikshit said: “As many suffer from heart disease in India even at a young age, awareness on heart ailments is necessary. Delhi government will be part of this campaign by publishing the details of the campaign in our health website.”

The campaign aims at creating awareness among people about seven risk factors, which have potential to cut down heart disease rate, if addressed properly.  The risk factors are: smoking, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, lack of exercise, obesity and stress.

Prathap C. Reddy, chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “Heart diseases in India has assumed alarming proportions. An average Indian male is three-four times more likely to have a heart attack than...

his western counterparts.”

Doctors acknowledged that the heart disease is not only prevalent in older population, but many cases are reported in the young generation.  Last year I attended a talk delivered by Dr. Enas, Director of the CADI Research Foundation and Advanced Heart Lipid Clinic in Downers Grove, Illinois and Clinical Associate Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago.  He has taken a deep dive in heart disease in South Asian people and acknowledged that apart from lifestyle, genetic makeup of the population makes it more susceptible to heart disease as compared to other races.  Some of his reports can be read at this website:

I think that Indian BHB is the health drive that is needed by India and I hope Indians are able to take advantage of this.  Please visit website and support the awareness drive.

Source: Times of India

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