Design your meal plan via Sanofi’s GoMeals android app


Sanofi Aventis is a well known pharmaceutical company and has a successful diabetes drug names Lantus.  Sanofi is tapping into smartphone apps similar to its counterparts Novartis.  The android app Sanofi designed is called GoMeals and is to help Diabetics in planning their menu. 

GoMeals Sanofi’s android app for diabetics

GoMeals app from Sanofi allows you to pick restaurants and browse through their menus.  The app has following features:

  • Give you the nutritional value in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and total calories for each menu item,
  • Adds the nutritional value all up into a daily “plate,” so diabetics can monitor their food intake.
  • Can do the same for individual ingredients for meals at home.
  • Has ability to save various menu combos as favorites so that you don’t have to go through the same exercise again and again. 

Sanofi’s GoMeals app has been well received, but and you must consider that that all the values are...

estimates.  None-the-less, it is a good diet management tool for diabetics, which is necessary to balance the glucose levels.  I think, even if you are not diabetic (or are at higher risk due to family history), you can use this app to design a healthy diet for yourself by downloading GoMeals on your android phone . 


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