Do you take out time to throw expired cosmetics?


Cosmetics are women’s one of the most loyal companion.  You can find them in their hand bags, glove compartment of car, medicine cabinets, dressing table, and almost everywhere.  Cosmetics have been blamed for traffic accidents as some women have habit of touching up their lips by lipstick or brushing their cheeks while driving.  Have you looked into your purse or dressing table to determine the expiry date on your cosmetics?  If not, the new study suggests that you should as it is putting women at health risk.

The study was conducted by Opinium Research, UK.  The study involved questioning 3,813 women regarding the use of expired cosmetics.

What did study tell about the expired cosmetics?
The study revealed that

  • 15% women did not know that beauty products have a expiry date
  • 49% women do not check the expiry date
  • 33% women check the date, but do not follow them
  • Even when products start to smell or become discolored, some women use them

Dr. Chris Flower, director general of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association said that “Consumers themselves are the greatest source of possible contamination for cosmetic products.”

Why would expired cosmetics be a health hazard for women?
My common sense says that like any other substance (like pills), cosmetics are chemicals that should have a shelf...

life.  But there is more to it as Dr. Flower said that “Bacteria, yeasts and moulds, awful though it sounds, are always present on our skin and hair, in the air around us, and on the many items we touch every day.”

You can imagine that these micro-organisms, mostly are harmless, but can result in product spoilage. Continued use of a spoiled product could lead to skin irritations or even infections in broken or sensitive skin.  I would suggest that dig into your cosmetic storage bins and throw the products that are old, look old and are expired.  It is time to buy some new cosmetics as L’Oreal says “You are worth it”.

Source: Indian Express

4 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    thanks for the info.. nice :)

  2. Rene says:

    thanks for the useful info.
    by the way, you probably noticed that a lot of makeup misses expiration date mark (only period after opening sign noticed, like 6M or 12M).
    I found a website which can help in this case. it calculates production and expiration dates from a lot number. that numbers are usually printed directly on makeup package, like “A06”, “9M43” etc. check it:

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