Doctors warn about “Facebook Depression” in teens


Social networking sites like facebook are quite popular among college students. A 2010 Pew study found that 72% of American teenagers are active on social networking sites. Among all social websites, teens are majorly addicted to facebook that they spend quite a bit time in checking their account activities and sharing the information with their friends, family and relatives. This growing craze of facebook has raised a new concern of “Facebook Depression” in college students.  A new research displayed that college students who feel like their Facebook page is not popular enough can develop depression.

The clinical research, published in American Academy of Pediatrics, outlines some of the key benefits and risks of social networking. Researchers surveyed more than 1,000 middle-school-aged kids and their parents and teachers about online habits and found that nearly 95% used social networking sites, most often Facebook.

Facebook has become a popularity contest – who can get the most friend requests or get the most pictures tagged. When people compare themselves with their friends thinking they are having fun time, they start to get more depressed.

Sophomore Karina Grossman from Albright College said Monday that people take Facebook to the extremes.

“Face to face confrontation isn’t comfortable for most people, but people do feel empowered by their keyboard sometimes,” said Grossman.


research stresses the need for parents not only to talk about online use and to be aware of Facebook depression, cyberbullying, sexting and other online risks, but to participate with their kids on sites like MySpace and Twitter.

Facebook is a growing trend and a good medium to catch with friends and especially those whom you cannot meet and talk frequently. If you take Facebook seriously thinking that you are not doing much compare to your friends, you will be filled with negative emotion. In contrast, try to take it in positive ways and see how can you spare some time to enjoy with your family and friends.


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