Ear Trumpet – iPhone, iPad app to assist hearing


A medical student, Allen Faulad developed an app for iPhone and iPad which has capability to enhance and adjust sound to discretely improving your hearing experience through earphones provided on your device.  The app is called EarTrumpet and was developed in collaboration with the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Department at the University of California, Irvine.

EarTrumpet (iTunes link) exhibited to have high accuracy of hearing test and the benefit of the hearing enhancer. Developers are confident in releasing the application for public use.


 The EarTrumpet features include

  • use of the built-in microphone on the supplied iPhone ear buds
  • allows the user to select which frequencies to boost.
  • choose the left or right ear to amplify
  • store custom profiles once balance and equalization settings have been selected.

Researchers want to conduct clinical studies on the app and aim for increased optimization of the sound processing and hearing testing technology.

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What do you think could be medical benefit of EarTrumpet?
As per the developer, EarTrumpet is expected to pave the way for the addition of numerous innovative features to help promote the health of the ear and to diagnose and treat various ear conditions, such as tinnitus. Take a look at the developer’s website

Source: Praxisbiosciences


5 Responses

  1. Victor says:

    How much is this app??

  2. I think it's 4 bucks on itunes store says:

    I’m hearing impaired and looking into this too. I figured it might require a jailbreak to find such a program but it appears this one made it onto itunes.

  3. This app works pretty well. The founders also have worked on tinnitus.

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