Eat chocolate to reduce risk of premature birth


A baby girl was recently born to one of my good friends.  The baby was pre-mature by two weeks and was little under-weight, which concerned my friend.  Not very uncommon, pre-mature babies are born around the world and can create complications for baby’s health. A study revealed that eating chocolate during pregnancy can reduce risk of pre-eclampsia by almost 50%.  Pre-eclampsia increases blood pressure and reduces the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the baby and often leads to a premature birth. 

What is cause of pre-eclampsia?
Medical community does not know actual cause of pre-eclampsia.  The leading theory is some blood vessels in placenta do not develop properly.  As a result, pregnant woman’s blood pressure increases and leads to decrease in oxygen and nutrient to the baby.  This results in birth of pre-mature baby. 

Symptoms of preeclampsia


What does new study reveal?
A study was conducted by Yale University revealed that pregnant women who ate chocolate three times a day can reduce risk of pre-mature baby by 50%.  Researchers quizzed 2,500 women on their dietary habits during pregnancy and collected information on: 

  • What type of food they ate?
  • How many times a week they ate chocolate based snacks or drinks?

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Analysis of the results concluded that

  • Women whose consumption rate for chocolate was higher, did not suffer from pre-eclampsia
  • ~ 50% of women who ate chocolate regularly during pregnancy, did not develop high blood pressure
  • However, 36% women who developed problems, ate regular chocolate treats

One of the researchers told to UK news paper that “Women who reported regular chocolate consumption of more than three servings a week had a 50% or greater reduced risk of pre-eclampsia.” 

The research shows promising results  for mothers expecting a child.  If you have sudden urge to eat something, you might want to try chocolates that can reduce the chances for having pre-mature baby. Do remember that excessive chocolate can cause dental cavities and increase sugar level in the body. If you have dental problems or diabetes, please consult with your doctor. 

Source: Times of India 

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