Echo Therapeutics transdermal continuous glucose monitoring device


Diabetes mellitus is a serious, life-threatening metabolic disorder. There is a need for monitoring blood glucose levels on a regular basis in such patients. A device that allows accurate glucose monitoring in real time without the use of frequent finger sticks, will render a reliable, less invasive method for continuous glucose monitoring. This could facilitate strict blood glucose control, facilitating safer self-management and improved long-term health benefits through improved maintenance of normoglycemia. It helps to achieve euglycemia while avoiding severe hypoglycemic events in their patients.

Symphony Transdermal Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Echo Therapeutics, has achieved positive results from a clinical feasibility study of its Symphony transdermal continuous glucose monitoring therapy. The system comprises of a wireless  glucometer and a transdermal permeation system called the Prelude.

The accuracy of the monitoring device was compared with reference samples from a bench top blood glucose analyzer.

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Venous reference samples were taken via intravenous lines every 15 minutes, over the course of the 24 hour study period. No adverse effects were noted after 24 hours and a high level of correlation was observed between the Symphony monitor and the bench top analyzer.

Using over 1,600 Symphony tCGM glucose readings from the 12 study subjects paired with reference blood glucose measurements, CG-EGA showed that 98.3% of the readings were clinically accurate, There were no adverse events reported from the Prelude skin permeation or the Symphony tCGM biosensor.


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