Educate your kid about nutrition via Count Your Peas iPad app

Parents, usually, have tough time feeding their children as most of the kids don’t want to eat.  I know some of my friends spend an easy hour trying to feed toddler their dinner.  On top of that if you would like your kids to eat healthy nutritious food, which isn’t as palatable as junk food, it could be a nightmare.  Design Seedling Inc developed Count your peas an iPad app that makes basics of nutrition, fun for kids.  The iPad app includes interactive elements based on arts and crafts and simple games woven in with basic nutrition info.

Count Your Peas iPad app is designed for kids as fun learning tool having sections for different food category.  The data on food serving is based on the USDA nutrition dataset. The main features of the app include:

  • a food counting abacus to count servings based on the food groups from the Food Pyramid
  • parents and kids can to search for a food item to view calories and food group servings
  • activities and fun games such as doodling with fruit juice colors, playing tic tac toe with whole grain cereal pieces, creating art with vegetable stamps, blowing milk bubbles and creating dried bean mosaics.
  • Each section includes a simple headline for the key...

    take-away for each food group, e.g. “make at least half your grains whole”.
  • Daily recommendations are included for each food group for servings by age and gender along with a slide show of food items in that food group.

Count your peas also has a food blog and you can add then in your Facebook  Download Count your peas from iTunes at a cost of $1.99.  Hurry, the cost is just $0.99 for March as it is National Nutrition month.


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