Electric skin patch developed by Oplon shows promise in acne treatment


Acne can create an embarrassing condition as it typically forms on the face. Many times it has happened with me, when I had to attend some special occasions and encountered pimples on my face. Acne is a common skin condition in teenagers and young adults that causes pimples. 1 in 20 women and 1 in 100 men over the age of 25 experience adolescents, the daily mail reported. There are home remedies that you can use to tackle acne problem.  Oplon, an Israel-based technology company, developed an electronic patch that claims to cure acne within few days without any significant side effect.

About Electric Skin Patch
The electric skin patch looks like an ordinary plaster. It consists of a mesh-like material impregnated with special molecules. When these molecules come into contact with the moisture on the skin, they produce an electrical charge to kill the bacteria linked to the condition. The mesh also contains salicylic acid, which removes the dead skin blocking the follicles, and azelaic acid, to kill bacteria in the pores.

The results from a small test show that overnight treatment has no side-effects and within three days almost all acne disappears.  With positive results from the small clinical trial, Oplon is conducting a big clinical trial on 100 people. Enrollees will be wearing patches overnight or for around six hours. The study results are expected by the end of the year.


justify;">About Acne
Typically there are three factors that contribute to the formation of acne– Overproduction of oil (sebum), irregular shedding of dead skin cells resulting in irritation of the hair follicles of skin and Buildup of bacteria. Acne occurs when the hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

The standard treatments for acne available in the market include creams containing benzoyl peroxide, hormonal therapies and antibiotics. The beneficial effects appear in a week and associated with side-effects such as dry skin, nausea, mood changes, and weight gain.

Some of you who might be excited to know about the high tech patch that can relieve you from the acne condition within 3 days and without causing any side effects. Well!  The patch is still in clinical trials and might not be available in the market before two years according to Oplon.

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Source: dailymail


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  1. Sarah says:

    Fine news!
    I the cosmetician also know very good cosmetic natural means from DENOVA
    from Israel.
    Acne it is very serious problem all over the world and it seems to me,
    Oplon and DENOVA do right steps to help the needing.

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  3. Van Walkner says:

    I have a terrible case of nose acne O.o

  4. Ryan says:

    It’s nice to read a good blog post. I really enjoy many of the articles on your web site.

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