Eminent cartoonist R K Laxman suffers from stroke


I grew up reading the daily cartoon is the Indian news paper on a character named “common man” created by R K Laxman.  Laxman’s common man talked about the current issue that affected the common man.  I liked Laxman’s acute observation and ability to present it through his common man.  Laxman suffered from a stroke and was taken to hospital in Mumbai.

It was reported that Laxman suffered from series of strokes and was recuperating after the treatment.  Laxman is one of the most famous cartoonists in India and as you can see I am one of his big fans.  We wish for his quick recovery.


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Source: Timesof India

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  1. sabbir says:

    Rk Laxman is the pioneer in the Cartooning field in our country. The deteriorating health conditions of Mr. Laxman is really very sad, However it is even more bad when you post an article or write up of such a great personality and attach someone else’s cartoon. Any new new reader might end up believing the above attached cartoon of his which is not, there are many out of the box ideas sketched by Laxman which could have been used instead the writer has used AJit Ninan’s cartoon which is not appropriate.

  2. Wow post thanks! We think your articles are excellent and want a lot more soon. We adore anything to do with word games/word play.

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