Entice your lady love by wearing red

We all know that women love red roses. You might have given red roses, expensive gifts or taken your girl friend out for candle light dinner on many occasions. You might not know, you can attract or impress women by just wearing red color. The study published in the “Journal of Experimental Psychology,” shows that red may make a man appear more attractive, more powerful and more sexually desirable to women.

About the study
The study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Andrew Elliot a psychologist at the University of Rochester. During the study researchers asked women from the United States, England, Germany and China to rate the attractiveness of men wearing various colors of clothing including white, black, red and those who were framed in the color. The women rated men on a nine point scale, answering three questions:

  • How attractive do you think this person is?
  • How pleasant is this person to look at?
  • If I were to meet the person in this picture face to face, I would think he is attractive.



Findings of the study
The results revealed that women from all the countries participated in the study were consistently allured by men wearing red color. They rated men dressed in red as more attractive than those in black and white photos or those surrounded by red frame.

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Why Women are attracted with red color?

Psychologists say that red color may be a symbol of confidence, power, passion and sexuality. The color red induces feeling of love and passion that has implications not yet understood. Color may influence the way people behave and have psychological implications that should be further explored. 

Women have a strong preference for men with high status or status potential (See Tiger Woods). Red color enhances this perception. Across cultures and age groups, red is linked to strength, power, and competitive dominance. Even historically it has been used as a symbol of authority, wealth, and status as an example rolling out the red carpet.

Dr. Andrew Elliot says “Red is typically thought of as a sexy color for women only.

The study shows that women are not just attracted to a man’s physical features, but with the color they wear. The study brings some very interesting points as to how color influence the human behavior. I might like red color too, but if I have been given a choice I might see person’s shoes first rather than giving importance to red color shirt.

Source: emaxhealth

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