Evil onions – bring tears and bad breath


032-crying-chefDo you know why onions make you cry?

The peeled and sliced onions release sulphenic acids, which is unstable and spontaneously rearranges into a volatile gas called thio-propanal-s-oxide. This gas reaches to your eyes and creates a stinging sensation. Tear glands produce tears to dilute and flush out the irritant.


The ways to cut onions without tears:

  • Cut onions under running water or submerged in a basin of water. Water prevents the gas from reaching the eyes.
  • Keep your onion in the fridge or put it in the refrigerator for 30 min before cutting. Freezing onions prevent the enzymes from activating, limiting the amount of gas generated.  Some food scientists have demonstrated this to be one of the most effective methods of reducing tears.
  • Putting a spoon in your mouth while cutting and chopping, helps to stop the gases from entering the eyes. Woh!!oniongogglesb1
  • Cut off the top (stem) and peel down toward the root end, without trimming off the root end. Root contains the highest concentration of sulfur compounds.
  • Use a sharp blade to chop onions. It will limit the cell damage and release of enzymes that drive the irritation response.

  • text-align: justify; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1;">Wearing goggles or any eye protection creates a seal around the eye.


Do you know why onions cause bad breath?

The bad onion breath restricts people from eating raw onions in a party as people are worried that they may have “Onion Breath” This bad breath/ odor occurs primarily from the volatile sulfur compounds released by onions.


The ways to freshen your breath after eating raw onions:

  • Rinse your mouth with lemon juice and water.
  • Chew a citrus peel to sweeten the breath.
  • Drink some mint or green tea after eating onion.
  • Eat a sprig or two of parsley, nature’s natural breath sweetener.

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