Fashion frenzy Circle contact lens can be risky


I have seen two school of thoughts on people who wear glasses.  One wants to replace glasses by contact lens and another one wants to stick to their glasses for improved vision.  Contact lens technology has improved at an exponential rate in past decade.  Apart from correction of impaired vision, contact lenses are also getting famous as a fashion wear among females. 

I was bit taken aback from the article reported in New York Times, which was titled “What Big Eyes You Have, Dear, but  Are Those Contacts Risky?”  The articles talk about popularity of the eyes of lady gaga in “bad romance” video.  Lets take a look at this popular wider than life eyes made by contact lens.

How are woman reproducing Lady Gaga’s eyes?
Teenagers and young women are reproducing Lady Gaga’s computer generated eyes by use of special lens called “circle lens”, made in Asia.  The eyes appear bigger as these lens not only cover iris, but also cover a portion of white in the eye.

Do circle contact lenses come in different colors?
You can get a variety of colors with these lenses, even pink, violet, you name it. You might want to wear one that matches your dress and ear rings.

Are circle lenses harmful for eyes?
Circle lenses are becoming a concern for doctors.  In the US, selling contact lenses without prescription is illegal, whether for corrective or cosmetic use. 

  • Circles lens are made in Asia and are available online for $20 – $30 without prescription

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  • Some sites sell lenses approved by FDA and should verify prescription.  Contrary to that they allow customers to choose strength of the contact lens
  • Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the FDA said that “Consumers risk significant eye injuries — even blindness.” When they buy lenses without prescription.
  • Dr. S. Barry Eiden, an optometrist in Deerfield, Ill., who is chairman of the contact lens and cornea section of the American Optometric Association, said that people selling circle lenses online “are encouraging the avoidance of professional care.” He warned that “ill-fitting contact lenses could deprive the eye of oxygen and cause serious vision problems.”

Believe it or not, it looks like circle contact lens fever has already high in Asian countries like Korea, Japan and is catching up in USA.  Teenagers and young women are going after the lens as they see women around them wearing this type of lens and give appearance of bigger eyes.  The NY Times article have stories of such fashion frenzy women, who are ignorant of ill effects of circle lens.  It is pretty amazing for me reading that women are ready to look cool at expense of their vision.  We have never seen that before, have we?


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