FDA approves laser device to treat eye wrinkles at home

‘Beauty is skin deep’ well yes! But beautiful skin makes ‘beauty’ more beautiful.  Since past few decades there has been great deal of research done in the arena of skin care. May it be wrinkles, uneven skin tone or untimely sagging of skin; scientists across the world have and are still targeting causes and the cure for several dermatological problems.  However, harnessing the power of lasers for treating dermal disorders has been by far promising and faster therapeutic option. Baggy eyes and wrinkles beneath them have been amongst first few things that tell one that they are aging. Lasers have been really good in treating these fine lines and now the big news is that FDA has approved first use-at-home laser for lifting wrinkles around eyes.  

The new device is developed by Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. and will be marketed through retail channels by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Cos. Inc. Major conveniences are

  • This device does not require prescription and available as OTC (over the counter device)
  • You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to get a laser treatment done
  • It’s much cheaper option than plastic surgery

 How does Laser lift wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin?

  • Laser is a ablative resurfacing technique
  • This technique simply removes/peels of sun-damaged or...

    aged skin and hence it allows the new younger looking skin to take it’s place

What all laser could do for your skin?

  • Remove/fade fine to moderate wrinkles
  • Eliminate /fade liver spots or age spots (solar lentigines)
  • Even up the uneven skin tone
  • Treat the Sun-damaged skin
  • Eliminate /frail acne or chickenpox scars

What are the limitations of using lasers?

  • It’s ineffective in removing deep wrinkles
  • It’s cannot substitute plastic surgery when it comes to removal of jowls
  • One tends to acquire the expression lines on the face and hence repeated treatments may be required

Limitation apart, the new use-at-home laser certainly is a big leap in the range of skin care devices and it certainly sets up the platform for being able to use other laser related skin care products in the comfort and warmth of your own house.

Source: healthnews; mayoclinic 


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