Federal study finds more use of marijuana among teens


The word marijuana comes from the Mexican Spanish marihuana. According to the United Nations, cannabis (Marijuana) is the most widely used illicit substance in the world. A recent annual survey performed in the US found increased use of marijuana among teens than the cigarettes. The increased use has been seen among eighth, 10th and 12th graders. The findings also illustrated that eighth-graders have been exposed to marijuana in a very different perspective and seeing marijuana as not dangerous.

Survey Findings
The statistics come from the 2010 Monitoring the Future Survey, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and conducted by University of Michigan researchers. The Survey of more than 46,000 teens from 396 public and private schools included information on drug, alcohol and cigarette use from 12th graders since 1975. In 1991, eighth and tenth graders were added. The report released Tuesday, found that marijuana use rose slightly while cigarette smoking fell among teens in 2010. Other findings are-

  • Daily marijuana use increased significantly among eighth-, 10th- and 12th-grader-
    • 6.1% of high school seniors smoked marijuana daily in 2010, compared with 5.2% in 2009;
    • Daily use in 10th graders rose from 3.1% to 3.8% over the same time period,
    • Daily use in eight graders rose from 1% to 1.2% over the same time period
  • 21.4% of high school seniors reported smoking marijuana at least once in the last month, compared with 19.2% who had smoked cigarettes.
  • Binge drinking, defined as having five drinks or more in a row, was down by with 23.2% vs.  25% in 2009 and 31.5% in 1998.

Nora Volkow, lead investigator and the director of the NIDA blamed the rising use among teens in the past three years on publicity and legalized status...

of marijuana in various states. She said more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, so teens might tend to view the drug as beneficial, not risky.

She further said marijuana interferes with memory and learning, which is of particular concern in teens, whose brains aren’t yet fully developed. Volkow said her institute plans to fund research into whether U.S. students grades and test scores have fallen as marijuana use has increased.

The survey also found that besides marijuana teens are increasingly using MDMA or Ecstasy. However, the use of narcotics other than heroin hasn’t changed significantly since 2004. Injecting heroin with a needle showed a small but statistically significant increase in 2010, but it’s still so uncommon in teens that researchers said they can’t yet be sure that use is growing.

As a parent you are always worried about your teen being addicted to marijuana.  The first step is to find out, if your teen is addicted and if it is the case then, marijuana users who want to give up the habit would do well to find rehab centers that can help them adjust to life without the drug.  Talk to your teen about marijuana addiction and it is important to be patient while getting your teen back on track.

Source: usatoday

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  1. Clay Boggess says:

    The people who have been pushing for more legalization of medical marijuana need to see this information. It is obvious that children are seeing only the potential benefits and not the risks associated with this drug therefore money needs to be spent on drug awareness and prevention.

    • shaun says:

      clay boggess you are an idiot sir fuck you this page is obviously anti marijuana instead of looking at both sides it is not giving you the correct facts. a FACT HOWEVER is that marijuana does not i repeat does NOT cause cancer it has been proven that daily smokers can go a life time without cancer and also sir it lowers your hear rate idiots why else would docters give it to patiance with high heart rate problems so sir again Fuck you and this site and this site will be report for false information and my lawyer would have a look at this and i will sew this site and i will win so fuck you clay bogges.

    • shaun says:

      Fuckin idiot

  2. Stupid article says:

    This is completely false. All of the information.

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