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Olive oil has been part of cuisines around the world from ages, especially Italian.  Olive oil offers various health benefits over other vegetable or cooking oils.  The Passionate Olive, Inc. is a company with mission to educate people about the health, beauty and dietary benefits of olive oil.  The Passionate Olive, Inc released an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app called GoEVOO.  GoEVOO is designed to serve as guide for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). 

What does iPhone app GoEVOO offer?
GoEVOO app is a information resource for Olive Oil products and has provides

  • information on over 200 selected producers, specialty stores, gourmet markets and tasting rooms, and drives traffic to their farms, mills, tasting rooms, and websites.
  • information on tastings of olive oil.  You can thus choose olive oil that is as per your taste.
  • ability to mark your favorites along with notes about the producer, products or retailer. You can refer back to your notes any time you want.
  • information on olive oil providers based on geographic area, such as San Francisco or Santa Barbara.  You can look for olive oil provider in your area along with directions. 
  • ability...

    to share your discoveries like your favorite olive oil product or provider. 



Designed for anyone who loves olive oil or wants to learn more about it, GoEVOO is fun, interactive way to educate yourself and can be downloaded for just $1.99.  One healthy step that I took is adopting olive oil in my daily cooking.  Though it is bit expensive, buy may help me in the long run. What are you waiting for; download the GoEVOO app from iTunes and explore its benefits.

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