First aid sticky notes to tackle injury

Summer time is the fun time and you would like to enjoy as much time outside as possible before the bone chilling winter knocks at your door.  Due to surge in the outdoor activities, summer brings chances of injury like sun burn, insect bites and falling from bicycle.  I am sure you are extra careful

 and try to avoid injury as much as possible.  As one of the TV commercial for Nationwide insurance company says, life comes at you fast, you never know when the injury will trouble you.  It never hurts to refresh some basic first aid practices, so that you can respond promptly and appropriately at the time of injury.  These tips are from an article written by William J. Mayer, MD, MPH (as they say right from horses mouth):                                                                                                           

  1. Minor cuts and puncture wounds – wash your hands, then the wound, with soap and water; stop bleeding with direct pressure; apply antibacterial ointment and cover with a non-stick bandage; see a doctor if you think there may be something stuck inside wound
  2. Inset bites and stings – scrape off stingers with the edge of a credit card or other straightedge; wash site with soap and water; apply ice wrapped in a wash cloth...

    – on for 10 min and off for 10 min; and for seriously allergic people, use Epipen or call 911 for severe reactions
  3. Sprains – apply ice covered by a wash cloth and warp in a firmly fitting bandage.  Use a splint to reduce swelling and motion, and elevate the injury above the heart.  Take ibuprofen or naproxen with food for pain and swelling and rest the injured area for several days. 

It is necessary that you are careful to avoid injuries during summer.  Most of the first aid tips involve cleaning the affected area and then applying ice on it.  Now you know what to do during an injury, be careful and enjoy your summer days.

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