First ever full face transplant patient spoke to media


The patient, identified as "Oscar," appears in public for the first time at a press event at a Barcelona, Spain, hospital. To his left is Dr. Joan Barret, who led the 30-person team that performed the face-transplant procedure

The 31 year old Spanish man has undergone the world’s first full face transplant. The man known as ‘Oscar,” made his first public appearance on July 26, 2010. He publicly thanked doctors, donors and his family members at Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron hospital, where he was operated on in late March.

Oscar, whose face was severely damaged in a hunting accident in 2005, underwent the 24 hour procedure in March 2010.  A team of 30 surgeons transplanted everything from cheekbones to musculature and eyelids, mask-like, onto his visage.

The head of the surgical team, Dr. Joan Pere Barret, said Monday that Oscar will need between a year and 18 months of physical therapy and is expected to regain up to 90 percent of his facial functions. He is now being released from the hospital and sent home.

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of Oscar after the surgery.


 In July, 2010, a French team also announced a similar operation saying a 35-year-old man with a genetic disorder called as neurofibromatosis, has an entirely new face. The full face transplant included removing eyelids, their muscles and the tear ducts from an unidentified donor. 

The first face transplant, albeit partial, was carried out in France in 2005 and since then about a dozen more has been done, including three in Spain.

Source:  aolnews; reuters

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